Bangin’ Library in the Bedroom

Of all the things I don’t do enough of in my bed, reading is definitely up there.

But when I actually do snuggle up with a book by the light of my bedside lamp, there is something so fulfilling and nostalgic about it. Reminds me of staying up late reading in bed as a kid, when I was supposed to be asleep. Those R.L. Stine books were really hard to put down.

So it’s no surprise that I’m fascinated with libraries and bookshelves in the bedroom. You could just reach over, grab a book, and doze off with it. Delicious. Or just keep telling yourself you’re going to do that, when actually you mostly watch TV until it’s time to stumble into bed. Also delicious. I’m not above Delusional Decor.

Here are some recent faves:











mrwaller again 1


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