DIY Sharpie Beyonce Mug: Quick Mother’s Day Gift That Will (Might) Make Her Smile

Is it just me, or do other people also gravitate toward their domestic side when work gets nutty? Like, the more crap I have to do in the office, the more I just want to sit at my desk, browse Tastespotting, and plan elaborate dinner parties.

This week, that tendency has had two primary outcomes:
(1) I’m all over Tastespotting
(2) I decided, in a fit of inspiration on a Wednesday afternoon, that I am going to throw a Mother’s Day brunch at my apartment for the femmes in my family.

In less than 4 days, I am hosting my mother, my grandma, and my sister, who became a first-time mom this year to a little baby girl. Ehh I just realized a 9-month old and I will be the only non-moms at this thing. Anyway, nevermind. I only have a few days to plan, and the rest of the workweek is cuckoo with meetings and client presentations.

Food-wise, I’m fine leaving things to the day before, but I also wanted to have some kind of fun DIY take-home ( So I thought, why not just reuse an old idea, but give it a little twist? Sharpie mugs are simple, low-budg, and customizable.

What you need:
Ceramic mug(s)
A joke or two

What to do:

  • Decorate
  • Let dry, then bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes. After that it should be dishwasher safe…though to be sure I recommend hand-washing
  • Present to special moms in your life. Receive many claps. Bow.


Your handwriting is probably better than mine. And your Beyonce jokes too.

Hope grandma likes it!


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