Cubicle Decor: Office Design Inspiration

If you ask me, home decor shouldn’t just be limited to the house. After all, most people have a different home from at least 9-5, and it deserves some love too. It’s sort of depressing to go from a vibrant, pretty house to a drab gray cubicle every day. So how about brightening that baby up?

Here are some of my fave office cube looks:

cubicle decor1


Check out Taylor Tomasi Hill’s cubicle at Marie Claire:

cubicle decor3cubicle decor2


And love this cubicle makeover from Empirella:

cubicle decor_makeover1

cubicle decor_makeover2cubicle decor_makeover4cubicle decor_makeover3

cubicle decor_makeover5

Images: 1, 2 & 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8


Want to give your workday a home a makeover? These easy accessories are a good place to start:

cubicle decor


1. Tape dispenser, $12

2. Gold paper clips, $1.49

3. Sticky note dispenser, $18

4. Mug, $8

5. Stapler, $24

6. Rug, $49


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