Brightening Up a Fall Home with Dried/Preserved Flowers

Kinda gave away the punchline in the title, didn’t I?

(Let me first acknowledge that I haven’t posted since the winter…and now it’s cold again. Ok that’s all I have to say.)

I’m not really one for fussy interiors, and I really don’t like my decor dying on me, which is why I tend to avoid flowers altogether. But I do envy people who can keep them in rotation. And every time I see a vase of perfectly-placed peonies I convince myself that I am going to make the effort so I can live in an Elle Decor spread.

But once I discovered how lovely dried (preserved) flowers can be, I was like, nevermind peonies. These guys are inexpensive, you don’t have to do a thing to them, and they last for about a year (some more, but the petal-y ones can start to shed).

See what I mean? Even ED likes them after all!

elle flowers

elleflowers 2

This is my favorite source – check out some of the selection below:

dried_lavender_long_stem straw_flower_yellow caspia_orange salal_burgundy


Names: Lavendar, straw flowers, caspia, and salal

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